2022 diet trends also healthy

Which diets are trending in 2022?

Every year, new trending diets make their rounds through social media and the advice sections of bookstores. Crash diets, stone age diets or cabbage soup diets promise to lose weight quickly. But such extreme diets are above all one thing: extremely one-sided. Such radical diets can hardly or only with great difficulty be integrated into everyday life. Frustration, relapse, and abandonment of the diet are unintended results for people trying to lose weight or maintain their desired weight with these diets.

Many trending diets actually show visible success on the scale after a short time. But nutrition experts and healthcare professionals have long known that most all diet programs are not permanently successful. Almost all dieters quickly gain weight after a diet and even put on a few extra pounds, key word: yo-yo effect.

However, diets shouldn’t primarily be viewed as a crash course in weight loss, preferably with an immediate effect. Those who approach diets as a permanent way to eat and are looking for ways to live healthier long-term have a much better chance of naturally losing weight in the medium and long term or maintaining a healthy normal weight. Diet Trends 2022, which have been chosen by nutrition professionals, show that such dietary changes can also bring many health benefits. Health experts who made the rankings for US News & World Report were particularly concerned about how easy diets are to follow, how quickly short-term successes can be achieved, whether dietary change yields medium- and long-term successes, and how. diets are safe.

1. The Mediterranean Diet

As the name suggests, the Mediterranean diet includes everything that the sunny region around the Mediterranean Sea has to offer. The focus is on fresh food, colorful vegetables, fruit, oily and clear fish and lots of healthy olive oil. Foods of animal origin such as eggs, poultry, milk and cheese may also be included in the menu, but should only be eaten in moderation. Especially interesting for wine lovers: even a glass or two of red wine can bring health benefits with a balanced diet with fresh, Mediterranean foods. In general, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. Various studies have found a connection between the average good health of older Mediterranean residents and the typical Mediterranean diet.

Because the Mediterranean diet is easy to follow, has few prohibitions, and has many benefits for heart, gut, and immune system health, nutrition experts and health professionals at US News & World Report have chosen the diet as the best diet. ‘year.

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2. DASH diet

Coping effectively with high blood pressure with the right diet? It is precisely this approach that makes the DASH diet one of the best diets of 2022. The acronym “DASH” stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, which means stopping high blood pressure through aspects of nutrition. Based on scientific evidence, the DASH diet is therefore based on foods that improve blood flow, support arterial health and have positive effects on the entire cardiovascular system. Wholemeal, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and fish are served daily or at least several times a week. Sausages, red meat, trans fats and sweets should be avoided.

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3. Flexitarian Diet

The flexible diet is all about flexibility and fitness for daily use. The form of nutrition is free from strict prohibitions and regulations and describes a predominantly vegetarian diet, but meat and fish can certainly be consumed. As a flexible one, you should be mostly vegetarian, but you can eat one serving of meat one day a week with peace of mind. The idea behind the flexible vegetarian diet: Strict dietary requirements fit poorly into everyday life, are not always easy to implement and therefore quickly lead to frustration and diet disruptions. Here, the flexible diet offers an elegant way out that relies on self-control: Live the vegetarian for as long as possible. If a situation arises where you can’t or don’t want to do without meat, treat yourself to a portion. Because if you severely limit your consumption of meat, you can still enjoy the benefits of a vegetarian diet. As a flexible person, you should therefore focus primarily on fresh fruits and vegetables, consume mushrooms and legumes, and integrate healthy meat-based alternatives into your diet. Tofu, lentils, beans, peas, tempeh or seitan, and jackfruit are versatile and easy to make as meat substitutes.

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