3 of the best products according to Öko-Test

So sustainable is solid soap

Solid soap fits perfectly into the zero waste lifestyle and is the ideal hygiene product for environmentally friendly and conscious consumer behavior. While liquid soap in plastic containers regularly generates plastic waste, both when you buy a new one and when you refill it, you can reduce waste with solid hand soap. Less packaging, recyclable paper materials, and almost no plastic – solid soap is recommended for these reasons alone.

Other benefits of solid soaps are the natural ingredients. In the Öko-Test, all test winners got by without any questionable additives and no silicones, preservatives or artificial fragrances were found. This is not only gentle on the skin, but also good for the environment.

Solid soaps are also good for your wallet, by the way. Many of Öko-Test’s test winners are available at pennies per 100 grams. And even expensive soaps often pay off compared to liquid soap, because with solid soaps you automatically use less. Overdose such as with pump bottles or unreachable liquid soap residues in containers do not exist with solid bars of soap.

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3 winners of the “very good” test according to Öko-Test