4 effects for your health

How ginkgo tea works: 4 effects

Circulatory effect

The special ingredients of ginkgo leaves have a positive effect on blood health. They reduce blood clotting and thus increase blood flow. This means that ginkgo tea can be used as a natural healing tea for a number of ailments. If you suffer from cold hands and feet due to circulatory problems, you can increase your blood circulation with a cup of ginkgo tea.

Improved memory performance

Tea made from dried ginkgo tree leaves is also said to improve memory. Tea is often said to have an effect against the progression of Alzheimer’s. Such an effect cannot be scientifically proven. In laboratory tests, however, the ingredients in the leaves have been able to show positive effects on nerve cell protection and appear to support signaling substances in the brain. Ginkgo tea is therefore very popular with low concentration.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Flavonoids can have positive effects on overall health. Natural plant pigments have an anti-inflammatory effect and can help reduce inflammation in the body faster. Flavonoids with their anti-inflammatory effects could also be helpful for digestive problems. Researchers have already observed in studies that flavonoids can lower blood pressure. Hypertension can therefore be countered with a balanced diet rich in natural flavonoids. Ginkgo tea can help with this.

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It can help with insomnia

Infusions of ginkgo leaves can sometimes help with insomnia and have a calming effect. Researchers were able to determine an improvement in sleep quality in people with sleep disorders and depression after taking ginkgo extract. The extent to which this effect can also be demonstrated with teas and infusions has yet to be scientifically studied.

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