5 home remedies for a sore nose

When you have a cold or allergy, your nose often runs. The skin of the nose as well as the outer skin becomes irritated and dry due to frequent nose blowing. A sore nose is red and painful.
Furthermore, the nasal mucosa through these factors to dry:

  • dry heating air
  • dehydration
  • conditioners
  • nasal spray
  • Dust
  • exhaust gas

5 home remedies for a sore nose

1. Use good quality handkerchiefs

If your nose is running, only handkerchiefs will help you. However, the type of tissue you use is also important in helping a sore nose. Avoid using napkins, kitchen paper, or toilet paper to blow your nose. These often have a rough texture and also irritate the skin, as do handkerchiefs with menthol additives or tissue ones. Soft paper handkerchiefs they fit better. Do not use fabrics containing menthol or other essential oils as they can cause allergic reactions.

2. Chamomile has a soothing effect on the skin

Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin. A steam bath followed by a compress helps the nose to heal, both inside and out. Freely pour over for a chamomile steam bath chamomile flowers (pharmacy) with boiling water and let it cool briefly. Now keep your head on the hot steam, put a towel on your head and breathe in and out slowly. You can use chamomile water for a compress use. Just dip a washcloth or towel into the water and place it on the irritated skin.

3. Olive oil against irritated skin

Fat protects the skin loss of moisture and it also supports regeneration. Particularly olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and softens rough skin. To do this, rub some olive oil on the irritated skin areas if necessary.

4. Humidify the room air

Especially in winter, the air in the rooms becomes dry due to heating. This also dries out the mucous membranes. On the other hand, they are useful bowls of water or wet towels, that you place or hang on the heater. Optimally, the Humidity therefore around 60 percent. However, it shouldn’t be damp, or mold could form.

5. Saline solution to moisten

The salt, which is otherwise used for nasal rinses, can also be used against irritated skin. To moisturize the nasal mucosa, you can do something Soak the cotton in the saline solution and put it in each nostril for 30 seconds.

Prevent a sore nose by blowing your nose correctly

When we sniff, most of us overdo it by rubbing our noses. However, this will continue to irritate the skin outside the nose, promoting a sore nose. Instead, you should blow your nose carefully and then gently pat the nose area. You can take care of red and sore spots with a greasy cream.

When blowing your nose, you should first hold one nostril and then the other. Since one nostril is usually more swollen than the other, the blocked side gets cleaned more poorly when blowing at the same time. Also, use a nasal douche if your nose isn’t completely blocked. Bacteria and viruses are gently eliminated and the mucus is removed.