5 mistakes everyone makes when training their arms

No matter how exhausted you are during training – if you make certain mistakes it can happen that the growth of the muscles of the arms goes on strike. In fact, often it’s not about how often, how long or how hard you train, but whether you’re really doing everything right. We reveal the five most common mistakes in arm training.

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5 mistakes in arm training

1. You try too hard

Do you always want to give everything and like to go beyond your limits during training? It’s great that you have such a great fighting spirit. However, it could be that this is exactly where the dog lies buried – if you exert yourself excessively during training, you tend to do so. unable to perform his movements correctly. Instead, slow down and do your exercises correctly from start to finish.

2. You train too much one-sidedly

It is normal for one side of the body to feel a little better than the other on some days. But you don’t have to be impressed by this and therefore train the “strong” side in a more targeted way than the other. Keep changing the process it starts on one side and then on the other.

3. You train too often

Even if you want to see results as quickly as possible, unfortunately, training too often has exactly the opposite effect. If you train almost every day, you risk it that his arms can’t recover enough. And this ultimately leads to stagnation.

4. You neglect the shoulder and back

Even if the focus is on the arms, you should never neglect the shoulders and back. All muscle groups can only work together if the entire system is strengthened. Then engage your back and shoulders by doing pull-ups or dips, for example. Another point in favor: if the shoulders are defined, the arms also appear much slimmer.

5. You don’t eat well

Sport alone is only half the battle. Of course, the right diet is also important if you want to feel a change in your arms. From now on, every meal you eat should contain protein. Our muscles are largely made up of proteins. The proteins we get from food are therefore the building blocks needed to build and repair muscle mass. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes to eat after your workout. Find out what kind of protein you are here >>