5 mistakes that make colds worse

The cough is annoying, the nose is runny, the throat is scratchy: a cold can cost us a lot of strength. So it’s no wonder we like to resort to one or the other home remedy that promises quick relief. But did you know that some measures and habits tend to have the opposite effect as well it can also aggravate the course of the disease? We will tell you which common cold mistakes you should avoid in the future.

These 5 mistakes make colds worse

1. You blow your nose

If you have a stuffy nose, you probably grab a handkerchief to blow your nose. But the harder you puff, the greater the risk that mucus and germs will not end up in the handkerchief, but are pushed into the sinuses. The result: The cold gets worse and it can also turn into a sinus infection. Better: pick up the secretion in the nose or use a nasal douche that gently expels mucus and germs!

2. They drink warm milk with honey

A warm milk with honey is probably the most delicious home remedy ever. And now let’s be honest: who didn’t get mom to take them to bed then? But actually, the drink isn’t even recommended when you have a cold. Increases the symptoms of a mucous cough. The antibacterial effect of the drink is also not sufficiently documented. Instead, drink ginger tea, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. The pointed tuber soothes the mucous membranes and promotes blood circulation, which in turn accelerates the removal of germs. Ginger is also antipyretic and diaphoretic.

3. Stay in bed

Anyone who feels weak and tired, of course, loves to crawl into their bed. With a simple cold, however, this only helps to a limited extent. Your circulation and irritated nasal mucous membranes may use some fresh air and vitamin D. So dress well and take a walk in the middle. Unless you have a fever, bed rest is the order of the day!

4. You lower the fever too quickly

And while we’re on the subject of fever, rising body temperature actually has an important function: fever helps your immune system better manage pathogens. High temperatures accelerate the necessary defense reactions. If you take antipyretics too quickly, the recovery process may take longer than necessary. A reduction in fever should only be considered at temperatures above 38.5 degrees. It is best to use home remedies that naturally reduce fever. Veal rolls, plenty of drinking and a delicious chicken soup have proven their worth.

5. They go to the sauna

Another common misconception is that you can just sweat a cold. In fact, going to the sauna does exactly the opposite and only increases the symptoms of a cold. The transition from hot to cold it confuses the autonomous regulation of body temperature too much and it also puts a strain on the cardiovascular system.