5 mistakes to make on a cleansing juice

A juice detox treatment promises new energy, should detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. With juice fasting, you only consume fruit and vegetable juices for a few days, which relieve digestion. Caffeine and alcohol are taboo! You can do a juice cleanse for different periods of time – three to ten days are possible.

5 mistakes to avoid on a purifying juice

1. You are doing a juice cleanse that is too long
Purifying juices can be designed for three, five, seven, or even up to ten days. If you are a complete newbie to detox, don’t overdo it at first and try a three day fast first. Juice fasting is a big adjustment for your body, which can respond to fasting with headaches and fatigue.

2. You give up the set-up days
Before starting the actual fast, prepare your body for detox with two days off. Eat lots of raw foods and liquid foods. Since you will be drinking a lot during juice cleansing, you should get your body used to drinking more fluids a few days earlier. In addition to water, unsweetened fruit and herbal teas are recommended. On buildup days, avoid high-fat, hard-to-digest foods and avoid empty carbohydrates like white flour products or sweets, which cause your insulin level to rise and fall rapidly and thus cause cravings.

3. You try too hard when you play sports
Do you feel fit and full of energy? So nothing speaks against a small sports unit. Physical activity stimulates digestion, increases blood circulation and reactivates circulation. But don’t overdo your workload. Slow down and start with a light yoga session or brisk walk. Listen to your body!

4. Drink too little water
Although you only consume liquids when cleaning juice, juices serve as a meal replacement and not as a thirst quencher. Therefore, you should also drink about two to three liters of water or unsweetened tea every day. A hot vegetable broth that provides salt is also allowed.

5. Eat normally again immediately after cleansing the juice
What applies to the creation of a purifying juice also applies to the end. Slowly get your intestines used to solid food again. As a rule, the so-called breaking of the fast should last about one third of the time actually fasted. Rice, potatoes, quark or yogurt and vegetable soups are mild supplements. Take your time by eating and chewing thoroughly to avoid nausea and digestive problems. A sufficient amount of fluids is also important to support digestion of the intestine. Therefore, keep drinking at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea.