6 tips for mental health

Due to the lockdown, kindergartens and schools will remain closed. Corona’s new daily life leaves its mark on all of us, especially in children and young people, who are particularly receptive to external impulses. With these six tips you can strengthen your children’s mental health:

Small rituals beautify everyday life, reduce stress and make you happy. Whether it’s a weekly game night or an extended Sunday breakfast, enjoy family time together, which provides support and confidence.

2. Train regularly

Children need movement! So go out with your little ones as often as possible. Regular exercise such as playing soccer with siblings or riding a bike in the park releases endorphins, reduces stress and anxiety, and makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening. Your children will be more balanced and happier.

3. Ministry of the Interior: establish clear rules

If you are currently working in the home office or have a part-time job and are therefore more at home, there must be fixed rules on when you are available and for your children. Clarify with your partner who will work and when and who will take care of them during this time, so your children will learn that mom and dad don’t have time for them all day and all the time.

4. The structure in everyday life

Along with this, you build a fixed daily structure that exactly defines schedules for school, homework and hobbies. To-do lists are especially helpful. Also write enjoyable and motivating activities such as reading a book or playing an instrument.

5. Exemplify encouragement and appreciation

Strict Corona requirements, lack of contact with friends, or home education are challenging. Talk to your child about it and tell him it’s okay to have a bad day or be unhappy about the unfamiliar situation. Through open and understanding communication, your child feels affection and learns to speak openly about their feelings and needs.

6. Resolve conflicts empathetically

Being together a lot also offers enough potential for conflict. Resolve disputes by showing understanding and compassion for the other party. Talk to your children about their individual needs so that your offspring learn to assert and defend themselves over the long term.

Source: Schü