7 reasons why CBD helps

1. CBD reduces pain

Pain can have several causes. Athletes often suffer from pain when they strain their bodies. Strained or torn fibers are common causes of acute muscle pain. Many athletes sometimes suffer from chronic muscle pain due to constant overload or poor posture.

Numerous scientific studies highlight the particularly pain-relieving properties of CBD. Taking CBD oil can greatly reduce the sensation of pain.

The herbal active ingredient can also be used successfully for severe pain. CBD is comparable to many drugs in its pain relieving effect. Unlike potent pharmacy pain relievers, CBD does not cause significant side effects and is not addictive.

2. CBD supports the muscles

Another positive side effect is that cannabidiol also relaxes heavily stressed muscles and muscles that tend to harden. In this way, CBD counteracts painful muscle cramps.

CBD cannot be used successfully to treat muscle pain alone. To achieve maximum athletic performance, all muscle groups must be brought into optimal condition.
During training or competition, the muscles are particularly stressed. A subsequent regeneration phase is essential for muscle growth. Also to prevent sports injuries.
CBD oils are suitable for internal use. The active ingredient, which is distributed through digestion into the bloodstream, reaches each of the 650 muscles in the human body. This allows the tendons and fibers to recover faster after heavy use.

In addition to CBD oils, you can also buy CBD products that are suitable for external use. The active ingredient is absorbed through the skin. Premium manufacturer Canzon from Luxembourg has developed a special CBD sports gel that can be used to specifically treat the affected muscles.

3. CBD has a relaxing effect

Stress, pressure to perform, and tension can be beneficial in the short term during competition. As a lifelong condition, these factors have a negative effect on athletic performance. Those who cannot break away from high-performance mode are constantly releasing stress hormones that increasingly deplete the body.

More and more professional athletes and top-level athletes are taking CBD to optimize their regeneration on a mental level as well. Cannabidiol has a balancing effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS, in turn, is directly connected to the central nervous system.

Anxiolytic and calming properties of the nerves are also attributed to the active ingredient of cannabis at the neuronal level through this mechanism of action.

4. CBD promotes sleep

In addition to its relaxing effects, CBD is also known for its sleep-inducing properties. Athletes in particular need restful and healthy sleep to recover from training and achieve a high level of performance. Additionally, growth hormones produced during sleep support muscle building.

For maximum athletic performance, CBD oil should ideally be taken before bed, as the active ingredient helps you fall asleep quickly.

5. CBD inhibits inflammation

In athletes, injuries, physical overload or mental stress lead to inflammation.

They are a natural bodily reaction that is triggered, for example, by an excessively strenuous workout. If left untreated, they can solidify into chronic inflammation and impair physical performance.

Chronic microinflammations often go unnoticed because they reveal no painful symptoms. Only a physical examination reveals that some athletes are not performing their best due to inflammation.

One of the many therapeutic properties of CBD are its anti-inflammatory effects. Taking CBD oil also helps fight unnoticed inflammation outbreaks in the early stages. The active ingredient in cannabis is also used in medicine for serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis, which are caused by chronic inflammation.

6. CBD regulates appetite

The balancing effect of CBD also benefits a balanced supply of nutrients and calories. Optimal nutrition is one of the other cornerstones for optimal muscle building and athletic endurance.

The active ingredient in cannabis reduces both cravings for food and loss of appetite which weaken the body. The regulation function via the nervous system supports the body in achieving a balance of body functions, which goes hand in hand with an ideal sports weight.

7. CBD is not a doping agent

The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA removed cannabidiol from the banned substance list in 2018. Since then, professional athletes have been able to legally take the active ingredient in cannabis. However, the psychoactive substance of cannabis THC is still in the index and counts as a doping agent.

To stay within the legal framework in other respects, when buying CBD products you should make sure that the THC content is less than 0.2 percent. Only hemp-based products that are below this threshold can be sold freely in this country.

Basically, you should buy high quality CBD oil produced to the highest quality standards and free from harmful substances. Ideally, the ingredients and potency should be tested by an independent laboratory. Reputable traders post the results of the analysis report on their website.

We recommend Canzon CBD oils and CBD sports creams. The Luxembourg-based producer not only meets the quality criteria, but also attaches great importance to a high level of CBD purity and processes hemp varieties from purely organic crops.