8 reasons to drink nettle tea

8 health benefits of nettle tea

1. Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever

Dried nettle leaves contain many flavonoids. These secondary plant substances are responsible for the coloring in many types of vegetables and fruit. Grapes, green tea or eggplants contain many flavonoids. The flavonoids in nettle have an antioxidant effect and bind the oxygen compounds of free radicals. This prevents cell damage and reduces inflammation in the body. Flavonoids also have a pain relieving effect. Nettle tea is therefore popular as a home remedy for pain relief and anti-inflammatory joint pain during severe rheumatic or arthritic flare-ups.

2. Helps with bladder infections

The ingredients of the nettle have a diuretic effect. If you have a bladder infection or want to find a urinary tract infection, nettle tea can help you get better naturally. Bacteria and infections can be excreted in the urine and the increased urge to urinate causes more bacteria to be eliminated.

3. Works against stomach and menstrual problems

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the ingredients may also be effective for lower abdominal pain and stomach cramps. A cup of fresh nettle tea can also be helpful for menstrual back pain. However, don’t drink too much of the diuretic and dehydrating tea.

4. Stimulates digestion

Nettles and tea made from dried leaves contain bitter substances. These stimulate digestion at each station of the digestive system. More saliva is already produced in the mouth as a reaction to bitter substances. The production of gastric juice increases the speed in the stomach, while the increased production of bile in the intestine ensures better metabolism and healthy digestion. Nettle tea can therefore have beneficial effects even for symptom-free digestion.

5. Works against cellulite

Almost all women have cellulite, some more, some less. The extent to which we are affected by the so-called orange peel effect is largely genetic. However, exercise and a healthy diet are helpful ways to counter or even prevent unwanted bruises. In addition, nettle tea can provide relief: thanks to its draining effect, it ensures that stored water is transported out of the body’s cells. In combination with a healthy, low-calorie diet, we can strengthen our connective tissue.

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