Abs workout: the 5 biggest mistakes

These are the 5 biggest mistakes in abs training

Even if we are happy with the state of the rest of our body, the belly could always be a little tighter in some way, right? It is not for nothing that the classic problem zone is so difficult to fight. A flat stomach or even a six-pack doesn’t come overnight with some sit-ups. We will tell you what typical mistakes you should avoid when training your abdominal muscles to effectively strengthen your core.

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1. Pay attention to the belly

Obviously we want a flat stomach. But that doesn’t mean that our exercises should focus solely on the front center of the body. Our torso, hips, shoulders and back form a functional unit with our stomach. So always train together.

2. Too much momentum

Yes … we admit it. Sometimes we move our arms a little too much when doing a sit-up, and then it’s a lot easier. But this is precisely where the problem lies: those who make fast movements burn calories, but let the muscles work less. You cannot expect impressive results this way. Best: Make slow, deliberate movements to promote muscle growth. Breathe out when you contract and breathe in when you relax.

3. No variety

Once we have painstakingly found some exercises that we have written down and learned how to do them correctly, we often stick to them. According to experts, however, this is rather ineffective. Our muscle groups only grow steadily if they are constantly exposed to new stimuli. Therefore, you should change your training plan every two to four weeks. It is enough, for example, to add weights regularly.

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4. Daily training

Even if you are motivated and impatient: your muscles need regeneration breaks to grow. So don’t do the same workout every day. Rest your abs to get the washboard abs you want.

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5. Improper diet

Not only muscle training, but nutrition also plays an essential role for a visible six-pack. Nobody gets abs trained through workouts alone! In order for the abdominal muscles to become visible, the percentage of body fat must first be very low (less than 15% for men and less than 20% for women). A high-protein diet is also important for building muscle.

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