According to a study, household chores are healthy

Cleanliness: According to a study, household chores are healthy

In a recently published study, researchers from Singapore looked at nearly 500 participants to see if there was a connection between the length of weekly housework and health factors such as fitness and cognition. To find out, scientists conducted standardized tests carried out, which recorded, among other things, the mnemonic performances, the attention capacity and the walking speed of the test subjects: inside. The questionnaires were used to determine the weekly time that the participants took light housework – washing dishes, dusting, doing laundry, tidying up – e heavy housework – cleaning windows, vacuuming, mopping floors, changing bed linen – spent.

The results were astounding: among those over 65, those who did a lot of housework scored well on most tests. significantly better compared to those who barely did housework. especially the memory performance And ability to concentrate and the ability to get up quickly from a chair was significantly better in the active group. It didn’t matter if the subjects did light or heavy housework. In order to actually demonstrate a causal relationship, however, more studies are needed in the future. However, the current findings should make boring household chores a little easier to do in the future.

Losing weight: how many calories you burn doing housework

In addition to improving cognitive and motor skills, strenuous housework in particular can also help you lose weight. This should provide additional motivation for cleaning and dusting in the future. For example, you can burn about 100 calories with 30 minutes of vacuuming, window cleaning, changing the bedding or scrubbing the floors. However, gardening has the biggest impact – you can burn a total of 360 calories per hour by weeding or repotting plants.

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