Biontech boss talks about fourth booster vaccination

4. Vaccination: who needs it and when?

Biontech chief Uğur Şahin considers a booster vaccination necessary after only three months. In an interview with mirror Şahin said: “If omicron continues to spread, as it seems, it would make scientific sense to offer a booster after only three months.” According to Şahin, the booster also loses its effect at some point. Therefore, a fourth vaccination becomes necessary in a relatively short period of time. More precise details are not yet known as to whether certain groups of people are more likely to be vaccinated. However, it can be assumed that older people and particularly vulnerable groups have priority over the rest of the population. So if you get a booster now, you may be getting your fourth vaccination in the spring.

Omikron: Double vaccination does not provide sufficient protection

Currently, a double vaccination against Omikron does not offer sufficient protection. According to initial data, however, three doses of the mRNA vaccine protect against infection with the new variant of the virus. However, the Biontech and Pfizer companies assume that protection against a serious illness still exists. The current determination by the Robert Koch Institute’s Standing Vaccination Committee (STIKO) states that a booster is possible six months after the last basic immunization vaccine dose.

New vaccine against the omicron variant?

The pharmaceutical company is currently working on a new vaccine adapted to the new variant. “It has not yet been decided whether we will turn the key to full production. Various variations of omicron are currently on the way and it is not yet clear which will prevail and which will then be in the vaccine,” she said. mirror. It will only be clear in a few weeks whether a new vaccine is needed, which will not appear on the market until March 2022.

Experts are now recommending the third booster vaccination

According to Şahin, in order to best protect themselves from the contagious variant of omicron, people should get boosters right away and not wait for a possible new vaccine. Thomas Preis, head of the North Rhine Pharmacists Association, shares this opinion. In an interview with Rhenish post office He said: “People over 60 and with previous illnesses should get boosters before Christmas if the last vaccination was at least five months ago. Family celebrations in locked rooms now make a particular contribution to the spread of the virus.” .

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