Burpees for beginners: correct execution and advice

What are burpees for?

Burpees are arguably the best full body exercise out there. With each burpee you use every single muscle in your body. Because a burpee is made up of three different elements: a downward movement in the push-up position, a push-up and a final upward movement. Depending on the variant, a straight jump eventually follows. Burpees of any kind are probably the best, most strenuous, but also the most challenging full body exercises there is. They are suitable for both muscle building as well as for Burn calories.

What muscles do burpees work?

In the downward and upward movement, a squat is performed – challenge buttocks, leg extension And hamstrings. On the floor, you need to maintain the push-up position – it requires tension swell, the back And Shoulders. The push-up itself claims the chest musclesas well as the tricepsie the back of the arm.

How many calories do burpees burn?

A single burpee burns about 1.4 kilocalories (kcal) on average. With 10 burpees one would thus come out 14 calories. This alone is significant. Furthermore, burpees work all the muscles in the body in a way that leads to subsequent muscle growth. All muscle growth leads to a higher basal metabolic rate: As a result, you burn more calories during sleep than before, as your muscles require a large amount of energy to maintain them. Plus, an intense burpee workout leads to a decent one afterburning effectwhich ensures that you continue to burn calories after your workout.

Detailed instructions for your first burpee

In the beginning, do the exercise slowly, step by step. Do each element one by one and then connect them one by one. See the next section for mistakes to avoid.

  1. Deep squat: Stay hip-width apart. Slowly bend your legs at the knee joint while keeping your lower back straight. Be careful not to lift your heels or push your knees forward over your toes. The knees must not bend inwards.
  2. Push ups: Once you are deep enough in the squat to touch the floor with your hands, move to the push-up position. To do this, stretch your legs behind your body individually (beginners) or at the same time with a jump (advanced) so that you land in a push-up position. Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible and perform a push-up with maximum body tension.
  3. upward movement: From the push-up position, pull your legs under your body individually (beginners) or together with jumps and jumps (advanced) and lift yourself up with a squat or straight jump. Done! That was a burpee.

Avoid these common burpee mistakes

Since the burpee requires a lot of coordination and tension throughout the body, beginners in particular are prone to making mistakes in the exercise. Avoid typical error patterns with these tips:

  • The most important is the Body tension in the push-up: Release your torso and hips don’t go limp. This can cause the lower part of the spine to be squeezed.
  • In the squat lower back always straight to preserve. Not hunchbacked!
  • The knees shouldn’t go too far beyond the squat into the squat Ten points protrude, otherwise large shear loads will act on the joint. He tries not to lift his heels off the ground.
  • When doing push-ups, don’t spread your arms to a 90 degree angle from your body, but choose a smaller angle. About 45 ° would be optimal. Think to yourself: “Elbows close to the body”.

Here’s how burpees work: Imke Salander will show you how!

In the following training video from world champion Hyrox and fitness influencer Imke Salander you can see what a burpee should look like. Feel free to try Imke’s full workout (be careful, tiring!):