Cardio or strength training: how to lose weight faster?

In general, if you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight. Calorie intake is regulated by the diet. The consumption of calories, on the other hand, can be increased through explicit training and more exercise in everyday life. While some swear by their daily jog, others are increasingly turning to dumbbells and the like when they want to shed a few extra pounds. But who is losing weight the fastest? Let’s take a closer look at the different forms of training!

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Lose weight with cardio training

Typical endurance sports include sports such as jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. But training on the cross trainer in the gym is also a popular method for endurance training. If you want to lose weight quickly, we especially recommend that you do a cardio workout, as a lot of calories are burned here. The exact number depends not only on your body weight, but also on the intensity of the workout. The harder the workout, the more calories you burn.

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Lose weight with strength training

While strength training burns fewer calories than strength training, it promotes muscle growth and muscle cells burn more calories than other cells in the body! Means: The more muscles you build, the greater the energy turnover. Regular strength training not only stimulates the metabolism, but also has a much higher afterburn effect than endurance sports.

Strength training or cardio: which one do you use to lose weight faster?

But what’s better for losing weight quickly and effectively? You can probably guess it by now – it’s all in the mix! If you want to lose weight quickly and gain muscle mass at the same time, you should always switch between resistance and strength units during your weekly training session.

A particularly popular method of combining both is the so-called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training. This combines endurance and strength training into one short but sizzling workout and boosts fat metabolism enormously. Even hours after training, you can expect a particularly high afterburn effect. But be warned: HIIT workouts are quite challenging and require a certain level of fitness.

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