Causes and effective home remedies for fatigue

causes of fatigue

There are many factors for fatigueabove all: sleeping too little. Do you feel tired and drained? A too short or restless night or sleep disturbances may be the cause. Those affected also speak of insomnia in this case. Fatigue doesn’t always have to show up first thing in the morning after getting up, it can also show up later in the day. Feeling tired, your body tells you desire to relax. If you fail to meet this need, your ability to concentrate decreases and your eyelids literally become heavy.

If you don’t feel physically fit, if you lose concentration and performance, fatigue begins to weigh on your daily life. Either way, fatigue can be resolved quickly and easily with sufficient sleep and activity.

Abundant and unhealthy meals add to the depression, as do the weather conditions. But a lack of food, drink, exercise, and oxygen also increases the fatigue phase. If you have an allergy and need to take certain medications such as antihistamines or antidepressants for depression, it is not uncommon for fatigue to appear as a side effect of taking it. Psychological and mental stress can also cause states of exhaustion such as fatigue. If chronic symptoms such as sweating or fever occur in addition to fatigue, the cause may be a cold.

But fatigue can also be linked to sleep disturbances. In any case, go to the doctor and get examined as soon as fatigue becomes too much of a burden for your daily life. Even if symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, night sweats, and pain occur, you should seek a diagnosis from your doctor.