Chest tightening with sport? That’s how it’s done!

4 more tips for firm breasts

1. Wear the right bra
Many women wear the wrong bra size. A bra that doesn’t fit well can cause irritation, hollowing and poor posture, all of which can contribute to sagging breasts. In no case should you do without a sports bra during your workouts, so as not to overload the connective tissue and avoid pain. Let us advise and measure correctly before buying laundry.

It is also recommended if you often take off your bra in everyday life. Without a bra, the weight of the breasts is evenly distributed across the chest and upper back, rather than over the shoulders. The chest muscles have to carry the load on their own and are strengthened accordingly. The chest rises a little by itself.

2. A healthy diet strengthens the connective tissue
A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise has a positive effect on the connective tissue, which mainly consists of elastin and collagen. To firm skin naturally, you should eat certain foods that contain nutrients that promote the production of elastin and collagen in the body. These include legumes, nuts, oatmeal, broccoli, or salmon. You should also drink enough water every day to keep skin hydrated and plump-looking.

3. Gentle breast massage promotes blood circulation
To stimulate blood circulation in the breast and thus cell renewal, a light tapping or plucking massage is required regularly. Also, use olive, almond or jojoba oils as they contain fatty acids and antioxidants that help firm the connective tissue. There’s no time? A short cold shower after a shower also promotes blood circulation and ensures rosy skin.

4. Avoid too much sun and don’t smoke
An unhealthy lifestyle can also affect your bust size. Those who regularly smoke a cigarette or sunbathe excessively weaken the connective tissue and promote sagging breasts.

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