Clean the jars naturally

How does hardening of the arteries develop?

Atherosclerosis leads to vascular changes caused by fat and calcium deposits. The result: Arteries narrow, blood can flow less well, and circulatory disturbances can occur. The further consequences: There can be life-threatening heart disease such as a heart attack or stroke. Risk factors that promote vascular changes include an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, and increased alcohol consumption. Therefore, if you lead a healthy life and eat a balanced diet, you can make a significant contribution to the protection of your arteries.

But what should you do if you already have hardening of the arteries? Atherosclerosis can be positively influenced by drugs, so that the deposits can recede. The drugs are called statins, also known as cholesterol-lowering drugs, which lower the levels of fat in the blood. Although statins are effective, they are not always well tolerated. Side effects that occur include muscle pain, joint inflammation, and skin problems.

These 15 foods naturally cleanse blood vessels

If you want to “clean” your arteries naturally, you should use certain foods. To some extent, these can break down fat and limescale deposits. This includes:

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