Digital help for the psyche

Quarantine, social isolation or curfew: the crown pandemic has presented us with new challenges and unprecedented problems. This exceptional situation demands a lot from our psyche. For this reason, in particular, psychotherapeutic offers have been in demand more than ever in recent months. According to a survey by the German Association of Psychotherapists (DPtV), the demand for psychotherapy during the pandemic has increased increased by an average of 40 percent. One third of all patients wait more than six months for a treatment post. To help affected patients despite the pandemic and existing contact restrictions, more and more psychotherapists are offering their sessions in digital format.

Online Therapy: These offers are available

If you are currently waiting for a treatment post or need urgent help, there are various options Online therapy offers, which help at short notice and which we would like to introduce to you in more detail. Please consider: Online programs are mostly effective, but they cannot replace long-term psychotherapy.


In MindDoc you can get help for various mental problems like depression, eating disorders, fears or compulsions. In weekly interviews you will work on your goals with a psychotherapist. In addition to your online therapy, you can use the MindDoc app to learn more about your mental health and take exercises and lessons. Many health insurance companies cover the costs of online psychotherapy. A detailed list can be found on the website. Most private health insurance companies allow you to submit therapy bills online for reimbursement.
Not sure if therapy is necessary? In a first consultation and with the help of a self-test, you can find out in advance if you need therapy.


Did you know? In Germany, one in five people suffer from depression at some point in their life. Selfapy is an online depression course that can be prescribed by a doctor or psychologist. In interactive exercises, those affected learn to discard negative ways of thinking and to improve their mood. They also learn more about the causes of their depression. A psychologist checks the success within the course. If you have any questions, he can be reached via chat. A free information session can be arranged in advance.


The psychologist Dr. In his eight-week WeMynd online program, Leon Windscheid offers various master classes on various challenges in everyday life. This includes facing fears or gaining greater composure. A detailed list of upcoming master classes is available on the website. The only drawback: as places are limited and in high demand, you need to apply in advance. The cost of the eight-week master class is just under 300 euros. These are not covered by the health insurance companies.

7 steps

If you need short-term psychological support for problems like stress, anxiety or depression, we recommend the My7steps online program, available in ten languages. You can talk to an online psychologist about your concerns in three to five sessions. Unfortunately, the costs are not covered by the health insurance companies. A single appointment costs 95 euros, three sessions 265 euros and the three-month all-in-one package costs 495 euros. A free information session can be arranged in advance.