Does jogging on an empty stomach help?

Losing weight: does jogging on an empty stomach help?

In theory, it seems plausible at first that we can reach our fat stores more easily and burn them more effectively with sober training. If we haven’t eaten solid food and therefore energy for about five hours or more, ours is accumulation of glycogen as good as empty. These are the carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscles that provide us with short and medium-term energy during physical activity. If they are exhausted, the body is forced to mobilize fatty acids and use them to make the plant work. This trains the fat metabolism, but we don’t burn more calories than normal training. And the calorie balance it decides at the end of the day whether we break down our long-term fat deposits or not. In a calorie deficit, the body taps into our fat stores for energy, whether we are training on an empty stomach, ate something two hours earlier, or not training at all.

Jogging on an empty stomach: advantages and disadvantages

If training on an empty stomach doesn’t provide an advantage over regular training in terms of fat loss and weight loss, what does it do? A good and justified question, some parts of which have not yet been fully scientifically clarified. However, some studies suggest that exercising on an empty stomach may have the following benefits. We will then explain the possible disadvantages to you.

Benefits of sober training

  • fat metabolism is trained, which (slightly) improves endurance performance
  • insulin sensitivity it has increased according to studies, which could potentially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Longer meal breaks stimulate the body autophagy which can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation

Disadvantages of sober training

  • Inexperienced people may have circulatory problems due to a lack of energy (Risk of injury!)
  • It is only suitable for moderate training sessions, as lack of energy leads to a decline in performance during longer, more intense workouts

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