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    Tabata workout: how it works!

    For a Tabata workout, you should first warm up for about five minutes, i.e. B. with the skipping rope, jump jacks or some repetitions of the exercise in which you want to train at full power in the tabata.

    After the warm-up, you can start: Imagine eg. B. the stopwatch on your smartphone or a special Tabata app, so you don’t lose sight of the time. After the first 20 seconds there is a 10 second pause. Thereafter, the load continues for 20 seconds. After 4 minutes the tabata is over. You should now take a short break. You can then either start another tabata or continue to cool down so your heart and circulation will calm down again.

    Exercises suitable for a tabata:

    For the belly For legs and lower back For the upper body


    squat Push ups

    sit ups

    lunges dips for the triceps
    Russian twist elastic jumps sit ups
    Raise one leg Crouched jumps arm circles
    Oops The leg is lifted while lying down Squeak of the bike
    climbers heel lift side rises

    Also suitable for Tabata Burpee, running and sprinting sessions, handstands, jump jacks and knee-to-stomach pulls. Basically, almost any exercise is suitable for a tabata. The only important thing is that you really push yourself to the limit of your performance. Tabata training has almost become a sport in its own right or supports athletes who want to increase their performance. Below is an example of a Tabata workout. Join us!

    Tabata for beginners: how to get started

    Sweaty Tabata exercises are based on high intensity. As a beginner, you should initially slow down and train more limited. To get an idea of ​​your body and define your sporting limits, you should initially dare to do light exercises such as squats or crunches. Do fewer repetitions and pay attention to the correct execution of the individual exercises, especially at the beginning. You can gradually increase your workload and adapt it to your fitness level.

    Video: 4 minutes of Tabata for firm legs and firm butt

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