Exercises for the abdomen: train the abdominal muscles correctly

With the right exercises, you can just, lateral And oblique abdominal muscles strengthen and thus bring the stomach into a better and firmer shape. If you’ve lost count of all the crunches, sit-ups, and planks, don’t worry. We have the 10 best abs exercises here for you – you can do them anytime, anywhere.

Does it make sense to train your abs every day?

Absolutely not! Because, like any muscle group, the abdominal muscles only grow during the recovery phase. If you feel like you can work your abs every day, the workout isn’t hard enough! Do an intense abdominal workout three days a week and really push yourself. However, always give your muscles a day off to regenerate! The myth that you can work your abs every day isn’t true.

Train your abdominal muscles: the 10 best abdominal exercises

It is best to train the abdominal muscles every other day. Contrary to popular belief, your stomach also needs a day of regeneration. When exercising, always go to your stress limit to set a growth stimulus. Warm up thoroughly for five to ten minutes, such as doing flips, walking in place, or jogging in the fresh air. So you can intensively train your abdominal muscles!

For example, a is suitable for our abdominal exercises Circuit with all ten exercisesyou never Run for 40 seconds then Pause for 20 seconds. A circle lasts ten minutes and can be repeated two, three or four times, depending on your physical condition. How to effectively train the abdominal muscles. Here we are!

1. The classic: sit-ups / crunches

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