Gassen, head of KBV: the Corona pandemic ends in the spring

We have been waiting for this news for some time: The corona pandemic could end in the spring. Opposite of Rhenish post office said Andreas Gassen, head of the National Association of Doctors of Compulsory Health Insurance: “I assume that in the spring of 2022 Corona will be over.” This assessment is also shared by scientists.

Spring 2022: more people vaccinated and cured

Although the number of infections would increase again in the autumn, enough people will be vaccinated in the spring and the number of people cured will also increase. “The restrictions will probably become completely unnecessary.” Gassen predicts that the number of seriously ill people will remain below last winter’s value.

From 2022: vaccine for everyone, including infants

Florian Hoffmann, general secretary of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), also plans vaccines for children from 2022. In conversation with the newspapers of the Funke multimedia group Hoffmann said: “We strongly assume that from next year there will be vaccines for all ages, even approved down to infants.” Vaccine manufacturers Biontech and Moderna are currently conducting various studies, some with children. “We firmly assume that it will be from next year Vaccines for all ages it will be allowed, even up to infants, “says Hoffmann. Hoffmann plans a vaccine for children under the age of twelve by the end of the year. This group is expected to receive a reduced dose of the vaccine.