Get rid of cold symptoms with natural remedies

A cold is usually not only accompanied by a runny nose, sore throat, and cough, but can also injure the head and limbs. In many cases, symptoms improve if the high fever persists for a day or two. This is how the body protects itself and kills all types of pathogens. Therefore, it is not always advisable to fight fever immediately with drugs.

Fever should be treated and reduced only when the temperature reaches about 40 ° C and the quality of life is reduced accordingly. If you don’t want to use pharmacy tablets, you can drink ginger tea and some apple cider vinegar if you have the flu. Experience has shown that this healthy drink helps reduce high fever quickly. At the latest when chills occur as a side effect of fever, this apple cider vinegar and ginger tea can naturally help normalize your body temperature. Calf wraps are also very useful against fever.

Get rid of headaches and body aches with a flu-like infection without drugs

If you feel faint from a cold, you should definitely give yourself enough bed rest. He is not in favor of the disease if one tries at all costs to go to work or do all the housework. Hot tea can have a soothing effect on the throat, while the vapors can also unclog or swell the sinuses. In addition, mucus covered frontal sinuses can cause headaches, and irradiation with red light can help the accumulated secretion to liquefy and drain.

A few drops of CBD oil in iced tea help calm the mind and quickly get rid of headaches and body aches. After taking cannabidiol, a relaxing relaxation occurs in the whole organism, which helps to heal faster. In pharmacies, only low-dose CBD chewing gums are available, which are hardly suitable for therapeutic use. You can get medicinal CBD on CBD360 without a prescription. Food supplements with a high cannabidiol content are also not subject to the drug law and are therefore completely legal in Germany. “Our big community test in January 2019 produced a clear winner,” says Cornelius De Luca, CBD expert and editor-in-chief of

Let yourself be pampered and give yourself a lot of rest

Those who have caught a cold cannot do much about the infection from the point of view of conventional medicine. Decongestant nasal sprays can ensure that you can breathe freely and get enough sleep, especially at night. Sleep has always been considered “the best medicine” because the body does not have to take care of all possible functions during sleep. During sleep, cells regenerate, pathogens can be fought much more intensely. In addition to a soothing tea, it can have a beneficial effect on the cold if only soft lights are turned on in the room and a scented lamp gives off soothing aromas of eucalyptus.

Fresh air can be extremely beneficial, even if you freeze more easily due to the increase in body temperature. Here it helps to crawl into bed with a hot water bottle or take a heating pad under the covers on the lowest setting. Hands and feet often get cold when you have a fever, and warm, comfortable socks can help with cold feet. With natural herbs and plant extracts such as cannabidiol, you ensure a comfortable inner peace that helps you get over the flu faster.

Prevention is better than cure – germs are lurking here

There is a greater risk of infection in all places where many people meet. This can be on public transit, but pathogens are also lurking on doorknobs or shared devices in school and office. Viruses and bacteria can also stay on your desk for a long time. Treating surfaces with antibacterial wipes or disinfectant sprays can help prevent colds. The doors can also be opened with a handkerchief, which is then not placed in the trouser pocket. In general, it is advisable to wash your hands more frequently during the cold season: soap kills up to 99% of all known pathogens, and hand washing should last at least 30 seconds.