Helps with digestive problems: this keeps the central shape

Dr Markus Wiesenauer talks: This is how the core keeps fit: It helps with digestive problems

Our digestive system can truly be a mimosa. Whether it is the stomach or intestines: disorders related to these organs sometimes make life difficult for us. In this podcast, conversation partner Dr. Markus Wiesenauer on whether these complaints can be trivial or dangerous and what can be done with very different problems. For many years, the dedicated doctor and leading German specialist in naturopathy and homeopathy have been treating patients in his practice near Stuttgart.

Our book recommendations for more information and knowledge about homeopathy:

Dr. Markus Wiesenauer: “MaxiQuickfinder Homeopathy”, (GU, € 24.99):

Compact and practical guide. Divided by complaint areas, flowcharts are used to guide you to the appropriate diagnosis and therapy in a very simple way.

Dr. Markus Wiesenauer, Annette Kerckhoff: “Homeopathy for the whole family” (Hirzel, 22 €):

Ideal for beginners in homeopathy: the guide provides basic knowledge and many tips from medical practice for self-treatment. Informative and easy to understand for the whole family.