Here’s how much vaccine protection is still available after 6 months

As protection against coronavirus infection gradually decreases in the months following full vaccination, experts agree on the need for a third dose of vaccination to update or complement vaccine protection. So recommend the Standing Committee on Vaccinations (STIKO) from Robert Koch Institute (RKI)all persons over the age of 18 the recall shot of COVID-19 “. Medical and nursing staff, the elderly and people with immune deficiencies or other previous illnesses should receive preferential enhancement. However, all other people can already make a booster vaccination appointment and get boosters after the six months have elapsed. However, appointments are limited and some people fear going out without vaccinations. Therefore, we will tell you how high the vaccine protection is even six months after basic immunization.

Corona: so much vaccine protection is still available after 6 months

Due to ongoing studies on corona vaccines and population infection data, it can now be said with precision to what extent vaccine protection against Covid-19 has changed over time. This strongly depends on age, as fewer antibodies are formed in the elderly and vaccine protection decreases more rapidly. However, the population data show that vaccine efficacy is still 96.2% on average two months after primary immunization. Vaccine protection thus becomes evident between the fourth and sixth month after full vaccination 83.7 percent. It is also important that it is just protection against Covid-19 infection. According to the RKI, the protection against severe course is still as high after six months as immediately after successful basic immunization: “People with healthy immune systems are still well protected against serious COVID-19 disease at least 6 months after completing basic immunization.”.

Vaccine protection after 6 months: differences between vaccines

Some studies provide data on how vaccine protection changes depending on the vaccine administered. For example, Britain’s Zoe Covid study shows that the Biontech vaccine still protects 83% from infections 6 months after full vaccination. Basic immunization with the AstraZeneca vaccine, on the other hand, only protects 71%. Data from the US health authority CDC, on the other hand, puts the effectiveness of the Biontech vaccine at 77% after four months, while Moderna, for example, had the smallest drop in immunization with a 92% remaining vaccine protection. %. Infection risk figures in the months following full vaccination may vary from country to country due to different age structures. It is important, however, that despite the diminishing vaccine effect, the protection against severe courses is still extremely high.

Vaccination protection despite the fall of antibodies

Why is vaccine protection even if the amount of immunizing antibodies decreases? A decreasing number of antibodies may be an indication of decreasing vaccine protection, however, antibodies are not the only ones responsible for immunization. Because in addition to antibodies, that too Immune memory from T cells and B cells responsible for the defense against corona viruses. This fact and the fact that the number of antibodies can be very different from person to person explains why vaccine protection is surprisingly high even after six months despite the declining number of antibodies.