Home remedies can help with treatment

Symptoms of neurodermatitis are characteristic and are mainly characterized by very red, itchy and scaly skin areas. Itching in particular encourages those affected to scratch, which in turn damages the skin further. To break this vicious circle, not only regular visits to the dermatologist are necessary, but also an adequate diet for neurodermatitis. There are also some home remedies that can be used to help.

There is no single therapy, but a whole package of measures to ensure that the disease is controlled in the best possible way. With the current level of knowledge, it is often possible to significantly increase the quality of life of those affected and minimize stress symptoms.

The tannins in black tea can relieve acute symptoms

Black tea can help with acute skin problems by relieving flare-ups of inflammation and helping heal affected areas of the skin. Bags with the tea drink, which of course has cooled completely beforehand, are ideal for this. Then you can also benefit from the pleasant cooling effect. Tannins, which have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect, are primarily responsible for the beneficial effects. A plant that is best known as a natural alternative to chemical antidepressants also has a good effect on neurodermatitis: St. John’s wort. The oils from the bright yellow flowering plant have antibacterial properties and also relieve itching.

Quark and olive oil: help with natural remedies

Quark is not only a tasty food, but also a versatile home remedy. Sunburn is a classic “indication” for quark, but so is neurodermatitis. For this purpose, the white mass should be applied thinly to the affected areas. It stays there until it starts to dry out. Then rinse with clean water. Previously, the quark ensures that the skin receives sufficient hydration and that the excruciating itch is actively relieved. Olive oil is also known to be very healthy for the body. This also applies to neurodermatitis, in which the protective skin barrier is known to be disturbed. With its valuable fatty acids, olive oil provides good care and protects against fluid loss.

With apple cider vinegar against constant itching

Apple cider vinegar is considered a classic among home remedies. Therefore, neurodermatitis is only one potential area of ​​application. Here, too, the anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect is used. Additionally, apple cider vinegar can relieve severe itching in the long run and thus bring improvements. So there are many ways to provide natural relief for neurodermatitis. However, the measures should only be part of the treatment. As a chronic skin disease, neurodermatitis certainly belongs in the hands of an experienced dermatologist. Yet: nature has many effective supplements at hand, the effects of which have even been confirmed by clinical studies. Combining conventional medicine with home remedies is certainly not a mistake in most cases.