Honey is the best home remedy for colds

In an analysis published in BMJ Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford University scientists gathered evidence that it is a very specific home remedy. it can relieve cold symptoms even better than conventional medications. Did you know? We are actually talking about honey!

Honey helps with colds

As the researchers found in the study with a total of 1,761 participants of different ages, honey helps Cough, runny nose and sore throat better than conventional medications. Honey is said to work better than conventional forms of treatment, especially for coughs. Two of the studies even showed that symptoms eased a day or two earlier in those treated with honey. But it gets better: the home remedy is cheap, readily available, and has almost no side effects.

A notification: Young children should not be treated with honey for the first twelve months. They are at risk for bacteria that may have entered honey from the environment life-threatening disease trigger.

How safe is the study?

While the studies put honey in a purely positive light, the researchers also make it clear that honey is a complex substance and not a uniform product. Furthermore, only two of the studies included a placebo. To draw firm conclusions, therefore further studies need to be carried out. The bottom line is that honey is recommended in many cases!

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