How do you recognize a good product?

Qualitative characteristics of an excellent CBD oil

CBD oil has become a panacea that promises relief from anxiety, pain and depression. The studies on the effects of the cannabinoid are young and its mode of action has not yet been fully explored. However, many agree on the positive effects. As a layman it is difficult – unless you want to spend a lot on self-experimentation – to find out which products are really high quality. Our guide will show you what to look forif you want to buy good CBD oil.

reasons of popularity

In medical therapy, CBD helps with chronic diseases in particular due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. But it also offers relief to those of us with stressful everyday ailments: Pain, inflammation, cramps, anxiety, depressed mood, sleep disturbances and nausea can be relieved. is based on nature and has few side effects. No wonder the remedy is widely used.

Differences in CBD products

In a very short time we were presented with numerous products: CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD sprays, CBD suppositories, CBD crystals, CBD liquids, CBD creams and ointments, CBD gummy bears, CBD chocolate and much more. even more. This leaves a huge selection, even if we don’t like a variant. CBD oil is particularly in demand: it is easy to dose and take and works quickly and for a long time. But here too there are differences, which is why it is important quality to notice.

Criteria for high quality CBD oil

organic quality

As with vegetables, you can look to organic farming practices for the origins of CBD. Has he got it organic quality, plants are grown without pesticides and harmful contaminants. This is reflected in the purity of the oil.

origin of hemp

To ensure that hemp is actually grown in an environmentally friendly and pesticide-free way and that the product is food safe, you can find out where it is grown. Renowned CBD manufacturers explain the origin of their ingredients.

cultivation without pesticides and genetic engineering we find it mainly within the EU.

under processing

Companies that pride themselves on the quality of their product have one transparent processing chain. For information on each step, see their website. If not, you can contact the manufacturers to inquire.

The extraction method is crucial to the effects of CBD oil. Three possible methods are CO₂ extraction, ethanol extraction and oil extraction. There at Extraction with CO a concentrated amount of pure CBD is created, usually it is the choice of well-known manufacturers. However, based on the quality, the price of the final product is also higher.

carrier oil

CBD is mixed with a carrier oil. This means that it can be easily dosed and quickly absorbed. be used for it cooking oils, which mainly determine the taste. One oil that is preferred for high quality products is hemp seed oilas it harmonizes well due to the plant of common origin.

Laboratory certificates

A reputable manufacturer does not hesitate to prove that it works correctly. Laboratory studies by independent researchers guarantee this Safety certificates and quality standards companies can demonstrate that their production is geared towards the best product.


A good manufacturer will list all of their ingredients. If these are not mentioned, he wants to hide something. One full list of ingredients shows how pure a product is. If you are unsure of the ingredients, you can do a search or contact the manufacturer.

oil painting

Good CBD oils will do that filtered, so that they do not contain unnecessary by-products such as plant chlorophyll. After that, a quality hemp seed oil has a golden color. If the carrier oil is green, it is crude oil from the hemp plant that has not been extensively treated.

test results

If you’re unsure of the production and content after your research, word of mouth is your weapon. What is meant is the opinion that customers have about the product and spread it unadorned. With reviews and tests you can find out what experiences have been made with the company and the product. So you can quickly see who is reputable and sells quality products.

If you follow these instructions, Research has been carried out on products, manufacturers and field reportsa good CBD oil can be found quickly.