How healthy is the carnivore diet?

What is a meat-based diet?

With a carnivorous diet, also carnivorous diet, carnivorous diet or simply “meat diet”. only animal products on the table – and in the stomach. The word “carnivore” comes from Latin and can be translated as “meat eater”. In other words: mainly standing on this diet meat, water and salt on the menu. In addition to high-protein meat, the diet also allows for fish and eggs. Some purists, on the other hand, completely give up dairy products and eat only dairy products, relying on the Stone Age diet. meat and offal the animals. Proponents of the diet rely primarily on the intake of proteins, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin D.. Carbohydrates, fiber and vegetables are not part of the diet.

The diet of meat eaters is aimed at the elite American athlete, doctor and author Dr Shawn Baker attributed. In 2019, Baker released her book, The Carnivore Diet, which is seen as an appeal and regulation for the diet. Total 900 grams of meat according to Baker, it should be consumed daily as part of the carnivorous diet. Hardly anyone gets that amount of meat naturally. In general, meat consumption in Germany is declining, as reported by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE): in 2021, Germans ate around 55 kilograms of meat per capita. This is the equivalent of around 150 grams per day. Ergo: People who want to follow a meat-based diet owe theirs Increase your meat intake by six times and do without fruit and vegetables. The diet stabilizes for the most part Red meat together, for example beef steak or lamb chops. Carbohydrates and fiber are taboo.

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What happens if you only eat meat?

First of all: the carnivore diet divides minds. Opinions differ as to whether a meat-based diet is healthy, unhealthy or even dangerous. Scientific studies on the diet of carnivores are still pending.

Benefits of the meat diet

Proponents of the meat-based diet swear by the positive effects a meat-based diet is said to bring. The thing is: Meat provides the body with many important nutrients. In addition to protein and iron, beef liver, for example, also provides 23.6 mg of vitamin C. Ergo: If you plan to eat only meat well, you can get a lot of important nutrients through meat alone. According to Die Fleischfresser, the diet of carnivores can also reduce the risk of food-related diseases, for example hypertension or diabetes, Prevent food intolerances (e.g. gluten, fructose or lactose) and preventively allergies jobs. Also, due to the increase in meat consumption testosterone levels And muscle building strengthened and avoided fluctuations in blood sugar. And also mood and concentration should improve, advocates of the carnivore diet promise.

Disadvantages of the carnivore diet

Any one-sided diet sooner or later leads to a deficiency of nutrients in the body. Just like diets with cabbage, pineapple, and watermelon soup, the same principle applies to a meat-based diet. It can become Nutritional and vitamin deficiencies on arrival, nutritionists warn. In addition, experts criticize the lack of studies on possible long-term effects a meat-based diet. Anyone who has possible “weaknesses” in their body should take a close look and evaluate them: if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, for example, you should avoid a meat-based diet. The type of diet can make symptoms worse. Other than that, the carnivore diet is nothing special ecological, among other things due to the increase in greenhouse gas values. And: that too ethical aspect of a meat-based diet is highly questionable.

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