Mutant C.1.2 – how contagious is it?

The Delta version has been keeping us in suspense for months. Now a contagious and more dangerous mutant of the corona virus is spreading in South Africa, formerly known as C.1.2 carries. Scientists had already discovered the new variant with mutations in May, which has so far been detected in nine South African provinces. Researcher Penny Moore of the South African Institute for Infectious Diseases (NICD) pointed out that the prevalence of C.1.2 is still “very low”. So accounted for in July, according to the news agency Reuters only approx three percent of the samples from South Africa to C.1.2. C.1.2 has not yet been detected in Germany, the delta variant continues to dominate here.

According to the media, C.1.2 is made up of 59 mutations, which also occur in other variants, such as the delta variant, and guarantee a higher risk of infection. The differences can be seen above all in the spike protein, which is responsible “for the attachment of the virus to human cells and perhaps also for the escape of the immune system”, explained virologist Martin Stürmer in an interview with Deutschlandfunk. So far, there are still few significant search results.

C.1.2: As dangerous as the Delta variant?

According to Moore, it is not yet possible to predict how well existing corona vaccines protect. However, she was “confident that the vaccines used in South Africa will continue to protect us from serious illness and death.” It is currently unclear whether C.1.2 is a more dangerous mutant than the Delta variant. So far, the World Health Organization has not classified variant C.1.2 as a variant of concern (VOC), WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said. Reuters. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach tweeted about a “potentially very dangerous” variant of the crown.


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