Naturopathy: Activation of self-healing

Conventional medicine and naturopathy now often go hand in hand, and patients benefit from this advance. Science has now also discovered this field of research for itself and is increasingly demonstrating the effectiveness of individual processes with well-founded studies. The mode of action of naturopathy mainly refers to the activation of self-healing powers.

How are self-healing powers activated?

Each body has a certain amount of self-healing powers. These ensure, for example, that wounds close, that a broken bone heals or that inflammation is successfully fought. In case of acute symptoms, it is advisable to support the self-healing powers, which can be carried out in two ways:

  • protection
    After a sprain, the affected joint should initially be rested, because rest ensures that no further injury occurs and that the ankle can heal.
  • irritation
    In the case of chronic inflammation, targeted movement under expert guidance helps keep the joint flexible and promotes blood circulation so that the inflammation can heal.

Vegetable sugar balls

Skeptics often mistake herbal medicines for “placebos”, “harmless sugar balls with no effect” or “guilders to calm the fear of disease”. But it is guaranteed that modern herbal medicine will not be an ineffective sugar pill. Gesundheit Pur products, for example, are specifically adapted to individual ailments according to the guiding principle of effectiveness and modern knowledge of phytotherapy. Herbal medicine does not replace conventional medicine, it is the ideal supplement to strengthen your health. Modern phytomedicine offers much more than a better feeling when it comes to fear of disease or the aging process. It is an important pillar in the holistic treatment of a wide variety of complaints.

A holistic approach to treatment

Conventional medicine is often adapted to relieve individual ailments. If additional complaints are added, the subsequent preparation is prescribed. Especially in the case of chronic conditions, this approach can quickly lead patients to take a variety of different medications, which in turn can react negatively with each other, creating new ailments. Chronically ill people sometimes get caught up in a drug maelstrom without experiencing any real improvement. With the agreement of the attending physician, patients can inquire about effective herbal methods, for example to relieve side effects. Naturopathy takes into account the interaction of different organs and also the general physical and mental condition of the patient.

Strong drugs for small ailments

Many people suffer from so-called “widespread diseases”, which are so widespread that they are almost part of everyday life. These are, for example, posture-related back and joint pains that restrict freedom of movement. The different symptoms of menopause affect almost every woman in her lifetime. Many people take pain relievers to temporarily suppress symptoms or vitality in old age and relieve menopausal symptoms right from the start. This occurs naturally through the vegetal activation of self-healing powers.

The belly of wealth

Another widespread problem is obesity, which affects many people in our modern society. Overeating in combination with lack of exercise contributes to the fact that much of the population has developed a feel-good belly. However, obesity is a major cause of degenerative diseases such as muscle and joint disease, back problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Heart attacks, strokes, and some cancers are associated with being overweight. Many people fail on the yo-yo diet. Naturopathic weight loss support with the help of psyllium husks stimulates digestion and aids in the rapid use of food.

Where are naturopathic treatments used?

Many general practitioners are now pursuing further training in naturopathy and, in addition to their degree in conventional medicine, acquire the title of physician for naturopathic care, acupuncture and homeopathy. Naturopaths are (non-medical) therapists who are licensed to treat a wide variety of diseases in twenty to thirty months of training. A naturopath cannot cure all diseases. The homeopath practices homeopathy. You may be an alternative practitioner or doctor, but not all alternative practitioners use homeopathy. The training of non-medical professionals varies widely and can range from weekend courses in single subjects to courses lasting several years. The naturopath cannot prescribe any drugs.

The best known pesticides

  • lavender oil
    Silexan Lavender Oil helps with anxiety, restlessness and associated sleep problems in adults. The big advantage is the low risk of addiction compared to many chemical preparations.
  • eucalyptus
    For decades, eucalyptus essential oil has been known for its beneficial effects on colds and swollen sinuses. Especially in chronic cases, the herbal remedy can be a very effective support.
  • Johannis herbs
    The drug is considered a mood enhancer and has been given for decades to treat mild depressive moods such as winter blues.
  • willow bark extract
    Willow bark extract contains a natural ingredient very similar to acetylsalicylic acid and thus produces the effects of aspirin.
  • valerian
    Valerian has been considered calming and conciliatory for centuries.

Be careful when taking it

Pesticides, or herbal medicines, are scientifically proven agents with high efficacy. All medications can be overdosed and sometimes have side effects. For example, taking St. John’s wort can make patients’ skin sensitive to light, and eucalyptus can cause allergic reactions. Children should never be treated arbitrarily with conventional or naturopathic medicine. It is imperative that parents speak to a doctor or pharmacist before taking it. Patients who are taking other medications or are using hormonal contraceptives should also speak to their doctor before taking herbal medicines. Some herbal medicines interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills.

Why is there a trend towards naturopathy?

More and more people are realizing that conventional medicine is not the Holy Grail it was thought to be for decades. In case of serious illness, it is a blessing and saves lives. In the case of minor daily ailments and ailments, too many chemically produced means can unnecessarily burden the body. Many patients seek a gentler but effective alternative. Research has recognized this trend and in recent years has carried out more and more studies on the topic of phytomedicine. The results are clear: there are a number of effective medicinal herbs that mostly have fewer side effects and avoid addiction.

Identify the black sheep

Unfortunately, there are always black sheep who persuade their patients to costly and unnecessary treatments with sonorous names. Patients must ensure that the doctor or therapist is a member of a reputable society such as Deutsche Ärtzegesellschaft für Akupunktur e. V. (DÄGfA), the International Society of Chinese Medicine, the Society for Fresh Cell Therapy, the International Society of Biological Medicine and. V., the International Society of Thymology and Immunotherapy e. V. or the Central Association of Physicians for Naturopathic Cures. In addition, each patient should be informed in detail about the implementation and mode of action of the therapies.