Slow Run: Run relaxed and lose weight at the same time

Slow jogging is a relaxed run that should make you smile. Sport was invented by the Japanese sports physiologist Prof. Dr. Hiroak Tanaka. Slow jogging does not mean traveling many kilometers at maximum speed, but running calmly and relaxed. This is particularly easy on the joints, as the heels do not touch the ground when walking, only the metatarsal.

This is how slow jogging works

  1. Slow jogging is easy to learn and suitable for everyone. Pay attention to the frequency of your steps. It should be approx. be 45 steps every 15 seconds. To achieve this high number of steps, tap with small steps only, so that the metatarsal is only briefly in contact with the ground.
  2. As you run slowly, keep your body erect, your shoulders relaxed, and your gaze forward. A vertical running style also protects the joints.
  3. When choosing shoes, you should focus on the ones they are in Low cushioned heel area I am. For this, however, it should be in the area of Let the toes bend slightly and have a slight difference in height from heel to toe. To find the right shoe for your foot, you should seek advice from a specialist running shop.
  4. If everything is ready for jogging, you should start slowly. Interval runs are recommended for absolute beginners, eg. B. jogging for two minutes and then walking for one minute.
  5. Gradually increase the duration and distance of your workout.

By the way: to reach the number of steps, you can listen to music with 180 beats per minute. This helps to get into the rhythm more easily and to maintain it.

Who is slow jogging suitable for?

  • for beginners
  • slightly overweight
  • experienced runners who want to use time to regenerate
  • for each athlete for regeneration
  • for young and old

Losing weight with slow jogging: is it possible?

Indeed, slow jogging burns double the calories compared to walking. And at only 6 km / h it’s easier to run than to walk. So slow jogging definitely helps burn more calories and reach calorie deficit more easily, which causes the body to break down fat.
However, it is also an advantage that the glutes and thigh muscles are trained during slow jogging. This firms the tissue and even prevents age-related muscle loss.