The best home remedies for the flu

Flu or cold? A big difference

In everyday life we ​​like to confuse terms like cold, flu or flu-like infection. There are big differences in the infection and symptoms. A typical cold can be caused by several types of viruses, including rhinoviruses and adenoviruses. Its course is usually slow and the severity of symptoms gradually increases. The medical term for such colds is the flu infection – easy to confuse with the influence. However, influenza is specifically triggered by influenza viruses and is usually much more serious than a flu-like infection. Influenza can be recognized by the following symptoms.

Influenza: symptoms and course of the disease

Sudden onset of severe symptoms is characteristic of influenza caused by flu viruses. Unlike the cold, the onset of the disease is not insidious and accompanied by mild symptoms, but it can spread within a few hours. severe fever, dry cough, severe sore throat, headache and body aches, as well as a pronounced sick feeling from being bedridden for days manifest. These flu symptoms usually last for 5 to 7 days, and even after the illness is over, the body can still be weak for days or weeks.

Important: At the latest when your body temperature rises above 39 ° C, you should Contact your family doctoras a further increase in temperature is extremely dangerous – from 41 ° C there is also a risk of death.

The best home remedies for the flu

If the disease progresses severely, you should stay in contact with your doctor. For example, you can antiviral drugs to prescribe. Antibiotics, on the other hand, are ineffective against viruses and therefore do not help against the flu. Although home remedies cannot fight the flu virus by themselves, you can support your body with the right measures to heal itself and relieve symptoms. The following home remedies have been shown to be particularly effective:

  • rest and sleep: Your body and your immune system need as much rest and energy as possible in order to effectively fight the virus. It is best to lie in bed or lie on the sofa and rest as much as possible for at least a week.
  • Air regularly: A pleasant room climate with fresh air and a temperature of 20 ° C is optimal. Dry air from the heater makes things difficult for your mucous membranes, which is why you should put bowls of water on top of the heater or use an air humidifier.
  • Hot soup made from fresh ingredients: When you are sick, your body needs lots of fluids and nutritious foods like vegetables. A healthy vegetable soup or chicken soup is therefore recommended for the flu to provide the immune system with the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Hot tea: In addition to liquid, tea leaves provide your body with antioxidant phytochemicals that have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • steam inhalation: Steam inhalation is especially recommended if the airways are dry and irritated. Just boil the water, put it in a bowl, and then keep your head covered with a towel at a safe distance from the bowl.
  • veal wrap: Cold calf packs help reduce a high fever.

Although home remedies can make the course of the disease more comfortable, relieve symptoms, and help the body heal on its own, they cannot cure the flu itself. The best protection against the flu is still the flu shot. It should ideally take place in October or November and cool off every year. Experts already warn of a wave of flu in the coming fall and winter.

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