The new vaccine is so effective

CoronaVac: Here’s how the new type of vaccine works

CoronaVac is manufactured by the Chinese company Sinovac Life Sciences produced and based on inactivated particles of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Vaccines are also being developed that work according to this classic principle of action inactivated vaccines call. They also include, for example, vaccines against tetanus, polio or hepatitis B. The vaccinee is injected with a dead pathogen, in this case an inactivated coronavirus particle. Unlike live vaccines, however, viruses from a dead vaccine can no longer multiply. The immune system recognizes foreign viral particles and initiates the formation of neutralizing antibodies without the outbreak of Covid-19. But how effective and safe is CoronaVac?

How effective and safe is CoronaVac?

Although CoronaVac is already vaccinated in 22 countries with emergency approval, no conclusive data on its efficacy and safety are yet available. In-depth data has now emerged from a phase 3 study conducted in Turkey. In the clinical study, the researchers compared the effectiveness of CoronaVac with a placebo in over 10,000 subjects between the ages of 18 and 59. Sinovac’s vaccine reached a peak 83.5% efficacy. This means that 83.5 percent of vaccinated people are protected from symptomatic disease. CoronaVac also appears to effectively protect against serious courses: of those people who fell ill with Covid-19 despite vaccination, none had to be hospitalized.

No serious side effects have occurred so far, which is why Safety profile classified as good by CoronaVac want. In less than 20% of all cases, vaccination-typical reactions such as fatigue and pain at the injection site occurred in the days following vaccination. Like most previous corona vaccines, CoronaVac is given in two doses, 28 days apart. It is not yet clear how effective CoronaVac is against the different variants of the virus. In practice, however, it has so far proved extremely effective: in Brazil, about 80 percent of all CoronaVac vaccinations carried out and a serious epidemic of Covid 19, such as this one, was contained within a very short time in a small town in Sao Paulo medical journal reported.

It is still unclear if and when CoronaVac will also be used in Germany and other European countries. Since May, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been examining a possible approval of the vaccine in the EU. WHO granted emergency approval of Sinovac’s vaccine in June as part of the COVAX vaccine distribution program.

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