The right diet for the flu

Just in time for the cold season, the flu season starts again. In addition to sufficient rest and relaxation, a proper diet also ensures faster recovery.

Avoid foods that are difficult to digest and rich in fat so as not to overload the diseased organism. Sugar, wheat products, and meat should also be eliminated from the diet during this time, as these foods promote inflammation. Instead, consume enough vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and eat anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich foods that strengthen our immune systems and protect us from pathogens.

Anti-inflammatory foods help fight the flu

  • Foods with omega-3 fatty acids such as cold-pressed linseed oil, walnuts or salmon they are anti-inflammatory and have a positive effect on our immune system.
  • Red and blue berries they are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and therefore protect our cells.
  • Ginger has an expectorant and antiviral effect. The composition of the tuber is similar to that of the drug aspirin.
  • spices like turmeric or chili they are anti-inflammatory and therefore real boosters for our immune system.
  • Honey not only tastes delicious in tea, but is also known for its antibacterial effect and is therefore a true virus killer.
  • broccoli and peppers they have a particularly high percentage of vitamin C. A pepper alone covers the entire daily requirement.
  • Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage or spinach contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and has an antibacterial effect.
  • Probiotic foods such as Yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut they are good for our intestinal flora and can activate immune cells.

Also good against the flu: chicken soup

It is no coincidence that the famous chicken soup is considered a tried and tested food for people with the flu. Chicken soup works by reducing the activity of white blood cells, which reduces flu symptoms. The delicious soup also provides you with fluids and vitamins, zinc and iron. In addition, hot food promotes blood circulation, which benefits our immune cells. These reach the viruses faster: the mucus dissolves and the nasal mucosa swells. You can find other home remedies for the flu here >>

Drink a lot when you have the flu

You should also follow the well-known tips and drink enough if you have the flu. Due to the fever, your body consumes more fluids than usual. Drinking a lot also makes the mucus in the nose and throat more fluid and germs can drain more easily. As a general rule, if the temperature rises one degree Celsius above 37 degrees Celsius, you should drink about half a liter of liquid per day in addition to the normal one and a half to two liters. It is best to use water, chamomile or tea and elderflower broths. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee or sodas.

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