The vaccinated must know now

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) already said in the summer that he would like to offer corona booster vaccinations to all citizens. “A booster vaccination is covered by approvals, it strengthens and prolongs vaccine protection,” Spahn said in an interview with newspapers from the Germany publishing network.

Booster for vulnerable people and vaccinated with vector vaccine

The current and official recommendation of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) is that a booster with an mRNA vaccine is recommended for people over the age of 70 and for certain risk groups such as medical and nursing staff who have a higher risk of infection. At least six months should elapse between the first completed series of vaccinations and the booster vaccination.

Vaccinated people who have received an AstraZeneca vaccination and the Johnson & Johnson single-use vaccine should also receive a booster. Relatively many vaccine breakthroughs have occurred in these vaccines because the vaccine is less effective than other vaccines. A booster can be given four weeks after the primary vaccination.

Booster vaccination for everyone? This is what Jens Spahn says

Bavaria was one of the first federal states to start booster vaccinations in care facilities and for people at particular risk. “At a later stage, we can therefore think of offering everyone else a booster vaccination”, underlined the minister. Booster vaccinations should mainly be given in doctors’ offices. Virologist Christian Drosten has a different view. As the photo-Zeitung reported that, according to chief virologist Charité, an update is not necessary for most people.

WHO: first donate the vaccine to the poorest countries

The week before, the World Health Organization (WHO) had called for vaccines to be donated to poorer countries before third-party vaccines were given. Spahn’s reaction to this: “My goal is both: to ensure booster vaccinations and to donate vaccines to poorer countries.” Germany is already donating outstanding AstraZeneca tunes to the international Covax vaccine initiative. Another argument offered by Spahn: “Furthermore, the production of mRNA vaccines is increasing worldwide. We will see the time when the Corona vaccine will be in abundance all over the world ”.

Vaccine booster: 4th wave

According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the fourth wave of the corona pandemic began in August. The proportion of positive samples in PCR lab tests increased from four to six percent within a week, according to the institute’s weekly report in mid-August Thursday evening. Young people are particularly affected.

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