The wide variety of CBD products

The trend towards CBD-containing products has been uninterrupted for years in Germany and many other countries. Many users report mainly their relaxing effect and their successes in pain therapy. Scientists and doctors are increasingly dealing with cannabidiol. New studies come out regularly which help create a positive picture. The best known is CBD oil, but there are many other variations on the market today.

CBD flowers

Flowers and buds are the basic ingredients of all CBD products, and among other things, ointments, tinctures and conditioners can be made from hemp flowers. You can also use them to perfect various dishes like cookies and cakes. But they are also extremely popular in their pure form. Most CBD flower buyers use it by inhalation. They are suitable for hand-rolled cigarettes, as well as for filling a pipe, hookah and vaporizer. The latter offers the advantage that the hemp flowers are heated in a particularly gentle way. As a result, less cannabidiol is lost. Since plants usually don’t need fertilizers or pesticides, CBD flowers are pure natural products without exception. Artificial light is sometimes used. It guarantees the highest possible cannabidiol value and promotes growth.

CBD capsules

CBD soft and hard capsules are the second most popular cannabidiol products. In principle, you also take CBD oil through them, only it comes inside a shell. Many people don’t really get used to the slightly straw-colored taste of the oil. They therefore prefer soft and easily digestible capsules to be swallowed whole. However, an effect occurs a little later, after about 30-90 minutes. Also, the dosage is simpler than the liquid version. When choosing CBD capsules, vegans should make sure the shell is purely vegetable, as some manufacturers use bovine gelatin.

CBD crystals

Cannabidiol is found in the buds and flowers of hemp plants, in a solid state. The extraction gives it a more soluble form, similar to heated sugar. In this consistency, it is transformed into CBD oil. Initially, crystals were rarely offered on their own, but the supply is steadily increasing. Their main advantage is their exceptional purity. The high-quality CBD crystals have a cannabidiol content of 98 to 99.5 percent. This doesn’t leave much room for other components. They can be taken orally, at best they spread over the oral mucosa. In this way they dissolve immediately and quickly enter the bloodstream. Additionally, CBD crystals can be added to foods such as yogurt and granola. In this case, the start of the action is a little later. It is also conceivable to vaporize them in a vaporizer.

CBD creams and pastes

So far cannabidiol creams have attracted little interest. The downside is that many manufacturers advertise their products under the name CBD, but they only contain a small fraction of it. It goes without saying that these do not convince with efficiency. CBD paste is relatively new to the market. In terms of purity, these are somewhere between the crystals and the oil. They are used only orally. External use would also be conceivable, but a high percentage of CBD is required for effectiveness, just like with creams.