THESE are the best vegan ready meals of 2022 – according to PETA

Veganism: The nutritional trend is becoming more and more popular

Those who follow a vegan diet avoid foods of animal origin. In addition to meat and fish, this also includes dairy products, cheese, eggs and honey. Plant-based foods form the basis of a vegan diet. Important nutrients are provided, for example, by fruits and vegetables, grain products and seeds.

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For a long time, the vegan diet was ridiculed and not taken seriously. But now it’s veganism firmly anchored in society. Even in this country, more and more people are deciding to avoid foods of animal origin: in 2020 the number of vegans in Germany was 1.41 million, as determined by the Allensbach market and advertising medium analysis (short: AWA). Compared to last year, this is a Increase of approximately 280,000 people. Ascending trend. This has also left its mark on the food industry: more and more brands are introducing vegan alternatives to their products on the market. Ergo: The vegan range in supermarkets and discount stores is constantly growing.

Pros and cons of a vegan diet

If you decide to follow a vegan diet, strengthen yourself animal rights and at the same time contribute to climate protection to. And: A conscious review of your diet usually leads to a healthier lifestyle as well. During a diet change, we take care of the ingredients, proof of origin and processing of our food. The consequence? It is no longer “blind” to eat what is at hand.

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However: Compared to a vegetarian diet, the vegan diet has no other health benefits – at least that’s what the German Society for Nutrition reports. V. (DGE). In particular, the danger of nutrient deficiency such as vitamin B12 are not to be underestimated in a vegan diet.

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PETA Vegan Food Award: Selection Criteria

With the Vegan Food Award, the animal rights organization PETA has awarded the best new plant-based products, brands and companies for the fourth time in a row. The target. the goal? PETA would like to track down “the tastiest, most unique and most animal-friendly products” on the German food market and reward them.

In collaboration with the a PETA jury The non-profit organization selects and evaluates all nominated products based on the following criteria:

  • taste
  • clear vegan labeling
  • innovation
  • Expansion of the product range and campaigns related to the “vegan” theme
  • Availability of products in retail and online stores

a notification: Feedback from the PETA community within social media was also taken into account in the evaluations.

Go total 30 winners by the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2022 – divided into 5 categories.

PETA’s Vegan Food Award 2022: These 3 ready meals were convincing

Whether it’s with meat or without: sometimes it just has to be quick. The winners of the “Ready meals, take away & Co.“: In our image gallery we present the best vegan ready meals of 2022 – according to PETA.