These shops offer fair masks

In all federal states, mouth protection is mandatory on public transport and in the retail trade. Those who are not particularly talented with the sewing machine are now looking for a suitable mouth and nose protection. In order to avoid unnecessary waste and pollution, it is recommended to do this reusable templates fall back on that ideally coherent to be produced.

Why should i rely on sustainable masks?

A sustainable mouthguard is usually made from organic cotton. This fabric feels comfortable on the skin. Similarly, the cultivation of Organic cotton more environmentally friendly and beneficial to human health, as chemical pesticides and genetic engineering cannot be used.
Some masks will also come off Molton or muslin product. You often come too high quality fabric scraps used that would otherwise be thrown away. Likewise, many masks locally in the tailors and ateliers produced by hand. In some cases, the entire production – from fabric production to the finished mask – vegan.
Danger: Cloth masks are not medical protection, but only a coarse shielding of their own droplets.

These stores offer sustainable protective masks

Sophia Schneider-Esleben
Designer Sophia Schneider-Esleben makes chic face masks with leftover organic cotton fabric from previous collections. In the watercolor design, the mouth and nose protector takes on a noble and chic look!
The protective masks can be found here for € 18.

The small Hessian family business offers sustainable mouth and nose masks produced under fair conditions in a factory in Thailand. The masks are made from 100% cotton and are made in numerous designs. Whether it’s leopard print, floral or monochrome, there is something for everyone. Masks are available from € 5.

Berlin-based upcycling label Dzaino makes simple face masks in pastel tones from scraps of fabric. The elastic can be adjusted individually, so nothing can slide down. The mouth and nose protection can be ordered in two sizes and costs around 15 euros.

seam design
The design of the nahtur label is based on organic linen masks. The models have a rubber band, a compartment for an entrance and are available in different colors. The masks are made in Schleswig-Holstein and cost between 5 and 15 euros.

Haasi’s leotard
These masks are designed in Baden-Württemberg and made in Croatia from organic cotton in black and white colors. The brand itself and all the other companies in the supply chain are GOTS certified. There are five masks here for around 20 euros.

The Dutch underwear label “A-dam” is a real insider tip: GOTS certified cotton products are elegant and reflect the hipster spirit of the moment. Now also available: A-dam’s trendy fabric masks. With a cute fox or pepper print, the beautiful motifs bring variety into our everyday life and stand out from standard masks. A-dam’s fabric masks are ecologically made with advanced fabric, are vegan and not tested on animals and are also Ecocert Greenlife certified. They are available in the online shop for 10 euros each.

NaturalSTYLE by

NaturalSTYLEby’s sustainable face mask is made from pastel-colored linen. This fabric is naturally antibacterial, anti-allergic and super absorbent. This makes the linen masks suitable for all those with impure skin and allergy sufferers. The inside of the mask is made of untreated cotton. This increases the comfort of use. The masks are available in a 6 euro set.

Marcello of Berlin

The German high fashion brand Marcell von Berlin offers not only designer pieces but also sustainable masks. The masks are made with advanced fabric and are therefore very sustainable. They are available here in the online shop for only 7 euros.