These signs will tell you if you have a good metabolism

5. You have good digestion

If you can expect a fast metabolism, you usually have excellent digestion as well. Although everyone’s bowel movements are different, it’s a good sign if the stool itself is smooth, stretched, and has some cracks. If so, you know everything is fine. In the case of constant diarrhea and constipation, however, a visit to the doctor is inevitable.

6. Burp often

Burping is also unpleasant, but completely natural. If you have to burp after eating or drinking, this is also a sure sign that your digestion is functioning well. Incidentally, you should never suppress the urge to burp, otherwise you will only make your digestion unnecessarily difficult!

Causes of a fast metabolism

Not only does a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet boost metabolism, there are other factors that lead to a fast metabolism as well. For example, gender matters. Women, with their higher body fat percentage and low muscle mass, tend to have a lower metabolism than men. Age is also a crucial factor. As we age, our metabolism decreases due to hormonal changes.

Other consequences of a fast metabolism

Just like there is a metabolism that is too slow, your metabolism can also work too fast. Some signs speak of it:

  • They have difficulty gaining weight or you to maintain weight.
  • You always are Hungryeven if you just ate something.
  • They have frequent urination compared to other people.
  • As a woman you have irregular menstrual cycles or your period is missing every now and then.

Get fat with a fast metabolism

Those who tend to have a fast metabolism are generally lean and have a hard time gaining weight. So, if you don’t feel good about your body and think you are too thin, you should follow these tips to gain weight in a healthy way:

  • Eat regularly and don’t skip meals.
  • Eat larger portions.
  • When it comes to your diet, focus on healthy fillers like protein, fiber, and polyunsaturated fats.
  • Keep an eye on your calorie consumption: if you are always in a calorie deficit due to your fast metabolism, you cannot gain weight. That’s why you should be gaining more calories than you burn.

This way you will naturally stimulate your metabolism

Is your metabolism rather the slower type? Then there are enough ways and means to stimulate it naturally. So you should at least every day Drink 1.5 liters of water – the colder the better! To heat cold water to body temperature, the body must use up more energy. Green tea and coffee can also boost metabolism. As well as spicy, protein-rich food. According to studies, regular consumption of coconut oil is also expected to have an effect on metabolism.

Not to be overlooked, of course, is sport, which increases the basal metabolic rate and energy consumption. So make sure enough exercise to integrate into everyday life. But we also have good news for those of you who don’t like exercise: Yes, you can too restful sleep positively affects the metabolism.

These signs indicate poor metabolism

Even if you eat a balanced diet, train regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle to increase energy consumption, do you feel listless and listless? Then it could be because your metabolism is too slow. If your metabolism falters, you may experience the following signs:

  • One weight gain it is one of the most common signs of a slowed metabolism.
  • Headache: Behind the symptoms may be hypothyroidism, which lowers the basal metabolic rate of the cells, so you get headaches more quickly.
  • Fatigue: With a slow metabolism, they also burn energy more slowly. The result: you are constantly tired.
  • hair loss: You may be deficient in nutrients such as iron or vitamins, causing hair loss. A lack of nutrients can, in turn, promote a slowed metabolism.
  • Skin problems: Due to the lack of activity in the cells, the skin can become cracked and dry.

Beware of metabolism tests

DNA tests are increasingly being proposed, in which metabolic claims must be made on the basis of a saliva sample. Experts warn against these analyzes: Firstly, the test results are not particularly reliable, secondly, the extremely intimate data is revealed with your DNA sample. Instead, focus on a healthy diet and enough exercise to keep your metabolism going.

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