This is why you shouldn’t eat white flour

White flour or type 405 wheat flour is probably the most popular type of flour when it comes to sandwiches and other baked goods – and with good reason, it’s wonderful for baking after all. It is a cereal flour that is ground from wheat grains. With white flour only the inside of the core used by removing borders and seedlings. However, these are the parts of the grain that contain the most vitamins, minerals, monounsaturated fat, and fiber.

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This is why you shouldn’t eat white flour

Although wheat flour is generally easily digested and contains a relatively high amount of protein (10 grams per 100 grams), you shouldn’t consume it regularly or even daily. The reasons are several: first, the popular flour contains type 405 almost no nutrients, as the parts containing most of the nutrients are sieved. Many people assume that the flour type number describes how fine the flour is. In fact, however, it describes how many minerals are contained in 100 grams of flour. The lower the number, the fewer nutrients.

Aside from that, white flour is low in fiber as well slows down our digestion – this can be a problem, especially for people who already suffer from a lazy bowel or constipation. Dietary fibers are mostly indigestible food components that play an important role in our body and are essential for our digestion, among other things. Because they swell in the intestines, they ensure that the contents of the intestine are transported out of the intestine more quickly. Instead of conventional wheat flour, you can use whole wheat flour, which contains twice the fiber.

Aside from that, excessive consumption of wheat flour overweight promote as there so-called “calorie free” contains. This is what foods that contain calories but hardly any essential nutrients are called. In addition, white flour has a high glycemic index on, which means our blood sugar levels rise and fall rapidly. This favors food cravingsleading to long-term weight gain. Furthermore, regular consumption of white flour is considered pro-inflammatory. According to studies, he can not only be overweight but also diabeteshigh blood pressure, heart attacks and joint disease.

Bottom line: don’t eat too much white flour

As with all other foods, the following applies to white flour: the quantity makes the poison. Those who indulge in a white flour sandwich from the oven from time to time or eat a few slices of white bread with a salad will not endanger their health. Because in a nutritious and balanced diet, there is also room for less healthy foods. However, those who eat sandwiches, bread and the like on a daily basis should, at least sometimes, use wholemeal flour products. This provides you with fiber, vitamins and minerals that promote health, keep you full for longer, and contribute to healthy digestion.

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