This way you strengthen your immune system

Treading water is the most popular water application or treatment method in hydrotherapy. It was popularized by hydrotherapist and naturopath Sebastian Kneipp. Since then, stepping on water has also been called “Kneipping”.

effect of the trampling of water

  • stimulates circulation
  • promotes blood circulation
  • helps against varicose veins
  • works against hot legs
  • strengthens the veins
  • promotes sleep when used in the evening
  • helps with migraines
  • has a vegetative stabilizing effect
  • strengthens the immune system

When water is stepped on, circulation is stimulated and arterial blood flow is promoted. Superficial blood vessels contract due to the cold stimulus. At the same time, the leg muscles are in motion, thus promoting venous blood flow and preventing varicose veins.

Strengthen the immune system with Kneipp therapy

If walking water is used regularly, the immune system can be strengthened, so that you are less susceptible to diseases, eg. B. flu or cold. Responsible for this is the regulation of heat in the body, which is activated after a cold stimulus. This ensures increased blood flow to the organs and the entire body, which carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, enzymes, heat and antibodies and removes toxins.

Correct tread: this is how it works

There are Kneipp facilities in many spas and spa parks in Germany. In this list you will find all public facilities. Decking systems are often artificially created. Sometimes they can also be found on small rivers. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to do the Kneipp path outdoors, you can also move the water that treads on your four walls. All you need is a bucket or a bathtub and water that does not exceed 18 degrees in temperature.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Before entering cold water, you should have warm feet with good circulation.
  2. Do the Kneipp path at home, fill a bucket or bathtub with water just below your knees.
  3. Whether you are at home or in a facility, get into the water slowly. With each step you slowly pull your legs out of the water and then immerse yourself again in the so-called “step of the stork”.
  4. Ideally, the water reaches just below the knees.
  5. Try doing the Kneipp path for a minute or two and then resting for about an hour. After that you can apply again.
  6. After leaving the pool or bucket, take a few more steps. Feet and legs are then dried with a towel. Your feet and legs should be slightly pink. A short time later you should feel warm and tingling.
  7. After use, avoid heavy loads and drink plenty of water.