Tips for a balanced dinner

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for the growth and development of your children. Fruits and vegetables are important pillars of a nutritious and vitamin-rich diet. But many parents know the problem: the offspring do not like to eat everything and is particular in the choice of dishes and foods. Healthy vegetables, in particular, are often spurned and left on the plate. This is due to the bitter substances found in many types of vegetables that the little ones don’t like. Sometimes restricted eating behavior can also be the expression of a challenging phase in which children want to test their limits.

Pasta and rice first courses are particularly popular with children. Unhealthy dishes such as pizza and fries are also very popular. As a result, many parents worry that their baby is not getting enough nutrients and vitamins. The Federal Center for Nutrition gives the green light: as long as your child is healthy, he develops well and in line with his age, you don’t have to worry. Most of the time, eating habits change on their own in childhood.

Healthy nutrition for children: this is what matters:

When breastfeeding your baby, you should adhere to the following basic rules of the Federal Center for Health Education:

  • Your baby should drink plenty of water, preferably water and no sugary drinks.
  • Consume a lot of plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables and grain-based products.
  • Only foods of animal origin such as meat, sausage, fish, milk, cheese and eggs should be consumed in moderation.
  • Use salt and sugar in moderation. Sweets, high-fat foods, and ready-made snacks should also be an exception.
  • Beware of small round foods such as legumes, berries or nuts as there is a high risk of choking.

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Healthy dinner for children: the best tips

Culinary diversity is important in inspiring children to eat healthily. Offer your baby different foods as soon as possible. Also important: with children, the eye eats above all. Therefore, the dishes should be beautifully presented and tempted with different colors, smells and textures to arouse the child’s curiosity.

Below we give you tips for a cold and hot dinner.

Cold dinner for children:

The classic dinner is particularly popular with children. You shouldn’t use light baked goods like wheat flour buns for the bun. Due to the short-chain carbohydrates, wheat flour products only fill you up for a short time and cause blood sugar fluctuations. Mixed or wholemeal bread is therefore healthier.

Offer your baby variety. Healthy toppings kids like are cream cheese and sweet cheeses like Gouda or butter. Since processed meat products such as sausage contain a lot of salt, spices and phosphates, it is best to avoid salami, ham and the like.

Tip: Finely chopped vegetables go well with the sandwich. Raw food sticks such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers and kohlrabi are especially popular with children and offer an additional variety of flavors.