When is the time for asparagus? Asparagus season 2022

Asparagus season 2022: when is asparagus time in Germany?

Fortunately, you no longer have to do without fresh German asparagus. In this country, most of the asparagus from mid-April to 24th June, the so-called St. John’s Day or “New Year of Asparagus”. The asparagus season traditionally ends on this day so that the plants have enough time to recover for the next season. In theory, farmers could still harvest asparagus after St John’s Day. However, the yield in the following year would then be lower, at least because of the asparagus 100 days before the first frost necessary to recover and form enough new shoots for the next year.

The exact collection time depends directly on the local weather conditions Street. In case of bad weather, the start of the asparagus harvest can be postponed because higher temperatures are needed. With a swivel black and white slide rod growth can be accelerated or slowed as needed. Covering the outside with black film leads to warmer soils and thus faster maturation. The harvest can therefore take place as early as the end of March or the beginning of April.

Interesting: Green asparagus can be harvested a little earlier than white asparagus.

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Official opening of the asparagus season

In Bavaria Due to the good weather conditions in March, the asparagus season may already begin March 28 be open. Prime Minister Söder announced the start of the Bavarian asparagus season at an official rendezvous at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt for regional asparagus from the Schrobenhausen growing area.

In Schleswig Holstein the asparagus season has officially begun April 5th. On an official pick-up date in Walksfelde, the Chamber of Agriculture declared the season open in the northern German state. The reason for the early start in early April was the sunny and relatively warm weather in March.

Video: Asparagus harvesting in the snow in Schrobenhausener Land

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