You should clean these things up after a cold!

The cold or the flu has passed, but the pathogens are still with us. They attach to handles, taps, towels or smartphones. In order not to get sick again right away or infect others in the house, some things should be thoroughly cleaned after or preferably during the illness. We reveal what they are!

1. Smartphone, tablet, remote control and Co.

Being sick can get pretty boring. Quickly scroll through TV channels or streaming portals, hanging from your smartphone or tablet. As a result, germs quickly spread to surfaces and attach themselves to them. Therefore, regularly clean the remote control with a disinfectant wipe completely. Surfaces and displays of smartphones and tablets can be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning cloth for glasses or microfiber cloth get cleaned up. Make sure that moisture does not get into the crevices of non-waterproof cell phones.

2. Door handles, light switches and toilet flush

By touching doorknobs, light switches, toilet flushes, and even taps, we quickly spread bacteria and viruses throughout your home. To protect others from infection, you should Clean items regularly with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe. He also thinks about the cabinet handles and the refrigerator door.

3. Toothbrushes and Toothbrush Cups

When you brush your teeth, viruses and bacteria get into your toothbrush and toothbrush cup. When you brush your teeth again, these pathogens return to your mouth and throat. The body must continue to fight against pathogens. To avoid this or reinfection, you should during the cold rinse the toothbrush with warm water and replace it after illness. The toothbrush cup must be rinsed thoroughly under running water.

4. trash can

Used handkerchiefs in which pathogens hopping and spreading are piled into the garbage can. As soon as the bin is full, it must be emptied immediately. Also clean the lid and all handles thoroughly. Tip: Use for handkerchiefs a separate small basket, which you can eg. B. can be placed next to the sofa or bed.

5. Textiles and towels

Viruses and bacteria become one Washing cycle at 60 ° or 95 ° best killed. After a cold or flu, wash any items you came into contact with at high temperatures. especially towels, Cotton bedding and clothing can be washed in hot water. For all fabrics that cannot be washed so hot, a disinfectant rinse or vinegar be helpful.

6. Toys and soft toys

Since the immune system in babies is not yet fully developed and they are therefore very susceptible to germs, you should do the same after an illness. Clean the toys and stuffed animals. Plastic and wooden toys can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while soft toys can be gently washed in the washing machine.