You should endure so much pain

Exercising with a foam roller is a good way to relax and regenerate the fascia. This will not only make you more flexible – Pain attributed to a lack of band elasticity can also go away with band training. Until then, however, it is usually a long and, above all, equally painful journey. Depending on how much body weight acts on the training device and how you move it on the roller, a lot of pressure can arise, which is quite difficult.

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A lot of pain is allowed during band training

Uff, band training is pretty tough! Anyone who reverses the training device for the first time will surely do so feel a slight pain and maybe even feel like the self-massage is bruising him. But don’t worry: it certainly won’t come to that. Furthermore, pain is also a sign that you are doing everything right when exercising. As long as you only massage your tissues and muscles with the massage roller and do yours Leave the joints outnothing can happen.

The pain is more due to your fascia being unaccustomed to being treated with the fascial roller and are glued together accordingly. Breaking that bondage is exactly what’s causing you pain. It is important, however, that the pain is always a pleasant pressure pain, a so-called feel-good pain. If the pain becomes unbearable, you should stop exercising. In this case, it is worth seeking an alternative or seeking professional help from a physiotherapist.

Band training: before or after sports?

It doesn’t matter if you want to do band training before or after training – they both have their advantages! If you play a sport that requires a lot of joint mobility (eg yoga or gymnastics), it is advisable to use the roller before sporting activity. This improves the sliding ability between the muscles and the fascial tissue. If you often have muscle aches or maybe even pain after training because you have been exercising intensely, then you should definitely do the rolling movements after training. The fascial roller accelerates the regeneration of sore muscles and it can also relieve pain caused by exercise. Either way, working on the band is a great addition to your individual training.

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